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DIY: How to get rid of Mosquitoes by Homemade Killer Trap

Published on February 25th 2015 by under DIY

Control malaria, dengue, yellow fever and so many other deadly diseases, carried by the terrible kinds of mosquitoes while stinging their millions of victims every day. However, the tragedy is, we are indirectly harming us by slow-poisoning our body’s internal system, and affecting our health in the name of killing these deadly insects by using mosquito coils, electric heater repellents, chemical sprays and so on. Make your own trap for mosquitoes in a much easier and simple, health-friendly and cost-effective way, using simple ingredients while sitting at home. Kill them all- the anopheles, the culex, the Asian tiger mosquitoes and all that are hiding there in the corner to kill us. Save yourself, protect your children and your family from these flying evils! Here are the recipes and ways to make the best mosquito traps and how to get rid of mosquitoes by methods that are natural and good for us but evidently fatal for them!

Homemade Mosquitoes Killer Trap

Homemade Mosquitoes Killer Trap

Indoor Natural Mosquito Trap (with 2-liter bottle)


  • Water – 1 cup
  • Brown sugar – ¼ cup
  • Yeast – 1 gram
  • Empty 2-liter soda bottle
Indoor Natural Mosquito Trap with 2 Liter Bottle

Indoor Natural Mosquito Trap with 2 Liter Bottle

How to make

First, cut the bottle from the half, in cross section. Dissolve brown sugar in the hot water and allow the mixture to cool before you pour this in the bottle. In the water, add yeast, but do not mix. The yeast will produce carbon dioxide (CO2) that would lure the mosquitoes. Use a tape to stick the other half of the bottle, placing it upside down like a funnel. Use another black tape to wrap the bottle, however, do not cover the top part and place it away from a place where your family members usually gather. However, you can also place this outdoor, in your garden etc. from where the insects tend to enter inside your house.


Change the mixture every 8-10 days. You can also place multiple traps in different places and see how it works!

Recipe to trap Mosquitoes using Dry Ice


  • Dry ice – a 5-pound chunk
  • Heavy gloves – 1 pair
  • Mosquito trap (you can the one that we made in the previous recipe, or use your own trap)
  • String (to hang the dry ice)
Mosquito Trap Using Dry Ice

Mosquito Trap Using Dry Ice

How to make

Mosquitoes are said to be lured by the very smell of carbon dioxide emitted from the body of mammals. Dry ice, which is solidified CO2, creates this scent of the gas while sublimating. To utilize this, tie the dry ice (wearing gloves) and simply hang it very close to the mouth of the above mentioned soda-bottle trap, and the dry ice will do its job by enhancing the situation of attracting mosquitoes and lure them inside the trap. They die there in thousands, which you would evidently notice when the water almost turns dark with dead mosquitoes.

Mosquito Trap using Electric Fan

This is a simple and inexpensive way. Mosquitoes can even be sucked in by an electric fan and collected in a bag on the other side and can thus be dried to death. See how in the following video:

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