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6 East Facing Window Plants That Like the Gentle Sun

Published on April 7th 2020 by under Green Living Ideas,Plants

If you are lucky enough to have an eastern window that shields you from the harshness of the sun and gifts you cooler temperatures throughout the day, you could add indoor plants to it to boost the tranquility and décor of your home by notches. Let the morning chores start a bit late, at a relaxed pace, with the beautiful houseplants guarding you, to some extent, from the dutiful sun that announces the start of another busy day.

Why Choose an East Facing Window for Your Indoor Plants

An eastern window is an excellent source of bright light that can be direct or indirect, during the early morning. Even if the sunlight falls right onto your east facing window plants, it is not intense enough to burn them. For the rest of the day, it receives moderate to bright indirect light making it ideal for many tropical plants that favor the filtered sunshine under a forest canopy. You can try out other types of indoor plants too as chances of thriving in an eastern exposure is high.

Best Plants for an East Facing Window

1. Areca Palm

Areca Palm East Facing Window Plants

The air-purifying plant would light up an east facing window with its tropical charm. The long and feathery fronds of the plant spell grace. You would be surprised that despite its exotic looks, it is pretty easy to grow.

Basic Care Requirement: The soil should be kept lightly moist in summer and spring while it should be allowed to dry slightly between waterings during fall and winter. Do not overwater.

2. Fiddle Leaf Fig

Fiddle Leaf Fig Best Plants for East Facing Window

The morning sun can do a world of good to this beautiful plant with violin shaped leaves. It reduces two of its major complaints, leaf drop and browning. Dust should not be allowed to accumulate on its broad leaves by keeping them clean so that they remain breathing and pest free.

Basic Care Requirement: Water it thoroughly once the soil has dried out slightly since its previous watering and drain off any excess. Summers call for more water.

3. Umbrella Tree

Umbrella Tree Best Indoor Plants for East Facing Window

This hardy, tropical plant gets its name from its tendency to lose the lower leaves until it gets the looks of a tufted palm. You can keep it bushy and full by pruning it in spring. When it is growing, the branches need to be pinched off to shape. Though high humidity is its favorite, it looks good enough in not-so-ideal conditions.

Basic Care Requirement: The soil needs to dry out slightly in between waterings and kept well drained. Water it deeply.

4. Boston Fern

Boston Fern Best House Plants For East Facing Window

This beautifully arched evergreen plant would attract eyes to the east facing windowsill or window box. It looks good in hanging planters as well. Or, choose an elevated plant stand to showcase its drooping fronds.

Basic Care Requirement: You need to allow the top soil to dry out slightly before watering it so that the well drained soil is evenly moist but not soggy.

5. Moth Orchid

Moth Orchid East Window Plants

The delicate blooms of this houseplant last long without giving you an inkling of the low maintenance it needs. It suits both traditional and contemporary décor.

Basic Care Requirement: A good air circulation is a prerequisite for this popular indoor orchid. Water when its roots are silver such that the well-draining potting mix is slightly damp.

6. Heartleaf Philodendron

Heartleaf Philodendron House Plants For East Facing Window

This easy-to-care plant is a vigorous climber, though it needs support. You can also have it in hanging baskets or on a shelf near the window to showcase its long and slender stems. You need to wash or wipe off the leaves monthly to keep them dust free.

Basic Care Requirement: The soil needs to be kept evenly moist. Note that it is normal for the older leaves to yellow, but if it happens to multiple leaves at a time, the plant is getting too much light.

Choose any of the plants above and watch them grow healthy and strong in the gentle caress of the early morning light. You would find that most of them are pretty low maintenance and do well just with a little bit of your care.

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