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How to Lower Electric Bill

Published on April 26th 2017 by under Green Living Ideas

This visitor is invariably regular and yet its arrival every month is seldom looked upon with glee. Yes, it’s our soaring electric bill that’s a reminder of how we waste such a precious blessing of science in the name of heedless luxury.

So isn’t there any way to lower our electric bills? Skim through the article to know how.

How to Lower Electric Bill

Ways to Lower Energy Usage at Home and Save Money on Your Electric Bill

Room Heating/Cooling

Air Conditioner
  • Replace filters every month or use reusable filters to avoid clogged pores.
  • For central air conditioning, check vents to make sure they are open.
  • Seal any cracks and leaks in your apartment from where hot air or cold air can escape.
  • Use energy-efficient dehumidifiers, which uses only around 100 volts, decreasing the use of AC by an hour every day, saving you 20$ daily.
Space Heaters
  • Use infrared heaters in winter as they use 30%-50% less electricity than traditional heating systems.
  • Place an aluminum foil between the radiator the wall so heat is reflected back into the room.

Home Appliances

Washing Machine 
  • Use cold water to wash clothes to reduce nearly 90% of energy consumption otherwise used for water heating.
  • Wash only full loads.
  • Use dryer balls to hasten drying time.
Water Heater
  • Set your water heater to 130°F, as higher temperature accounts for 13% of your electric bills.
  • Install a timer to turn if off at night.
  • Flush it annually so the tank can operate well.

Kitchen Appliances

  • Clean the condenser coils weekly so the refrigerator does not have to work too hard.
  • Keep your freezer and fridge loaded as food lowers the time a fridge needs to run for staying cool.
  • Place a lid over every food container to avoid evaporation.
Oven and Microwave
  • Use microwave more often than an oven as the former uses less electricity.

Some More Easy Tips and Ideas to Save Electricity

  • Install electric ceiling and attic fans that keep your room cool by circulating air.
  • Use LEDs instead of incandescent bulbs and tubes as they consume 90% less energy than others.
  • Opt for solar energy panels to cut your monthly electric bill down to about 90%.
  • Buy energy star certified products as, being energy efficient, these can help in significantly decreasing electricity bills.
  • Install an electricity saving box to lower the amount of energy used by all your appliances.
  • Keep storm windows and blinds closed so the sunlight can’t heat up the rooms too quickly, especially during summer.
  • Teach your kids to unplug appliances when not in use to prevent excess drainage of energy.
  • Use a power strip to use the power outlet for multiple devices like television, sound systems, computers etc. This helps save electricity.

Imagine one sultry day suddenly all electrical appliances stop. The agonizing reason? Why you have not been able to pay the mammoth bills on time. As sweat drips from your forehead constantly, you become conscious, how by being a little careful earlier, you could have prevented such a catastrophe. Hence, be vigilant about your usage and let the sight of your electric bill bestow you satisfaction always.

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